Thought it would be nice to put up the first few pages of the digital version, which is available in five volumes on Apple Books, Kobo, and Amazon. Highly recommend reading on Apple Books app or Kobo. Visual experience is way better than Amazon. BTW, the Kobo app is free to download. Rather like it!

Realized early on that the digital version of my graphic novel Wychtown: Demons & Toys would have to be different from the paperback. Sometimes radically different. Mainly because the digital medium for books is much less forgiving than paper. Image-heavy books need fixed layout and prefer landscape mode. Which meant cutting my paperback pages into thirds and trying to make the text more spare. By that I mean giving the text much more visual space. The one advantage to digital was that I was able to use vibrant background colors.

The disadvantage to digital? The file size problem. My graphic…

Copyright J.A. Pak

The Prince was not one to reflect so had no fears about his future. An eternity of solitude and boredom? He hadn’t thought about that. Perhaps he welcomed solitude. Or did not understand solitude. He had never once been alone.
The garden was like all the gardens he’d ever known, beautiful, full of plants he did not really see. The temperature was pleasantly warm, the breezes cool, and there seemed to be hills and valleys to explore. Left for another day. Right now, he wanted to lie down and doze. He’d barely slept since his father had died. It was not…

Copyright J.A. Pak

Excerpt from Chaos Back to Me. Zine available on Amazon.

…and other streaming services…

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August 16, 2021

There’s something revolting to me in the way Linda is portrayed in the new The Pursuit of Love (@PrimeVideo). It’s like the makers despise her and are totally team Fanny. Poor, put-upon Fanny. Hm. Echoes of ‘Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!’ Also, the atmosphere is so hysterical, I found myself longing for the quiet wit of the book. (Oh! Why is Lord Merlin such an angry twat?)

So really, if you like the story, better to read the book or watch the 1980s version with Judi Dench (Love in a Cold Climate). …

J.A. Pak

Literary, culinary, whimsical, fantastical. Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions nominee; work in Litro, Joyland, Lunch Ticket, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, etc.

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